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Sep 16, 2021


For Shepherd, the construction market is its target, an industry that it intends to carve into starting with excess liability coverage. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Justin Levine, told TechCrunch that contractors in the construction space have a number of insurance requirements, including general liability, commercial auto and so forth. But construction projects often also require more liability coverage, which is sold as excess or umbrella policies. Targeting the middle-market of the construction space — companies doing $25 million to $250 million in projects per year, in its view — Shepherd wants to lean on technology as a way to help underwrite customers. Levine said that his company’s offering will have two core parts. The first is what you expected, namely a complete digital experience for customers. The CEO likened its digital offering to table stakes for the insurtech world. We agree. But the company gets more interesting when we consider its second half, namely its work to partner with construction tech providers to help it make underwriting decisions. The startup has partnered with Procore, for example, a company that invested in its business. The concept of leaning on third-party software companies to help make underwriting decisions makes some sense — companies that are more technology-forward in terms of adopting new techniques and methods won’t have the same underwriting profile as companies that don’t. Generally, more data makes for better underwriting decisions; linking to the software that helps construction companies function makes good sense from that perspective. The CEO of Procore agrees, telling TechCrunch that an early customer of his business said that its product is “a risk management solution disguised as construction management software.” The more risk that is managed, the lower Shepherd’s loss ratios may prove over time, allowing it to better compete on price. On the subject of price, Levine thinks that the construction insurance market is suffering at the moment. Rising settlement costs have led to some legacy insurance books in the space with larger-than-anticipated losses, pushing some providers to raise prices. Levine’s view is that that Shepherd’s ability to enter its market without a legacy book of business will help it offer competitive rates. Excess liability coverage is the “wedge” that Shepherd intends to use to get into the construction insurance market, it said, with intention of launching other products in time. The startup is attacking excess liability coverage first, its CEO said, because it’s the place of maximum pain in the larger construction insurance market. Frankly, TechCrunch finds the B2B neoinsurance startup market fascinating.


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Other purification methods may also be used to produce bottled water or at home, such as ( Reverse osmosis: feeding additional reading water through membranes to remove minerals Distillation: heating water until it’s converted into steam to remove unwanted particles, then the steam is recondensed into liquid water Deionization: a process that removes all mineral salts via ion exchange, meaning it replaces dissolved minerals with hydrogen and hydroxide particles Ozonation: infusing ozone into water to disinfect water — most companies that bottle water use ozone gas as a disinfectant instead of chlorine due to its less distinct taste and smell Absolute 1-micron filtration: forcing water through extremely small filters — in fact, they’re smaller than 1 micron (around 0.00004 inches) If companies can meet the required FDA and EPA guidelines for safety, they can label their water as “purified” ( If preferred, you can purchase at-home filters to purify your tap water. For example, the Brita filter uses activated carbon ion exchange to remove contaminants like lead, chlorine, and mercury ( 9 ). Purified water usually comes from groundwater or tap water. It’s treated in a water processing plant to remove impurities and contaminants. You can also purchase in-home filters to purify your tap water. If you’re wondering which type of water to choose, rest assured that both are excellent choices. Both spring water and purified water must meet strict safety standards set by the FDA and EPA, making them safe for you to drink. The type of water you should choose depends mostly on your preferences and what’s accessible to you. In many cases, people choose the type of water that tastes best to them, which can be largely subjective. Ultimately, you should choose the water that you’re most likely going to drink. Both spring water and purified water meet strict safety standards and are safe for humans to drink. Choose the type that best aligns with your preferences and is accessible. How much water you need per day depends on many factors, including your physical activity levels, climate, age, health status, and more. As such, it’s best to follow these general principles ( Drink enough to achieve clear or pale-yellow urine. Increase your water intake to compensate for water loss, for example after sweating during exercise or in the heat. If you’re trying to drink more water, here are some helpful tips: Add fruit, herbs, or vegetables — like lemon, cucumber, or mint — to enhance the taste.